Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010

one of my dreams come true

it did??
- yeaaah totally

i think all of you already know right that i'm head over heels in love with David Archie, and he recently published a book called "Chords of Strength" and i really want to bought it very much it felt like i'm just going to buy a ticket and fly through sea and stand in the line waiting for him to sign my book. but sadly it didn't happen, of course. people tweeted
about how they got to met him and got his autograph i really envy them, but then i thought it's alright i'll get the book someday even though i will not get the autog

so when my aunt asked me if i want anything because she's going to move back to jakarta from alaska, the first thing that crossed my mind was Chords of Strength, so i gave her the list. And 2 weeks later i think, i was taking a nap when my cousin baby sitter woke me up and said that my aunt asked me to read my email from her, so i wen to the computer and signed in to yahoo. there's a new mail from my aunt that said special for nanette so immediately i opened it and was surprise, my mouth literally hanging open. it was david archie's photo in one of his book signing. i asked my aunt because she was online that time and she just told me like it's not a big deal, she just said she had a surprise for me and that i should pick her up at the
airport and then she said goodbye and leave me alone wondering what's th
e surprise? is it the book.

i already had lots of scenario that played in my head but i pushed them away and just thought it wouldn't happen in this world. so i just waited patiently for her to arrived and just kept my self busy. and when the time finally came, i went to her hotel and baaaaaaammm. she gave me the Chords of Strength and asked me to open it and there on the 3rd pages i think is david archie's real autograph and i just wanted to scream so bad at that time but i contained my self because there are lots of people and i really didn't want to look silly. i love you aunteyaaaaa. thanks for the surprise, really love them :D

so one of my dream did come true, see you on my next post

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