Sabtu, 04 September 2010


that question still bother me, 'cause i still don't know the answer. there are a lots of university i want to attend but of course there will be some challenges, obstacles etc. so if anyone ask me that the answer is still changeable....
the problem is less than a year i'll be taking test for the uni bu
t look at me now, i still don't know what i want. i just feel that i haven't found the perfect uni for me, the uni that i'll be comfortable studying there, i even don't know what major will i choose. arrgghhh i'm under a lot of pressures right now and i can't think straight. and the worst part is...i sill haven't find the WILL to study..
yeep. the test is just months away from now, and if i want to choose international uni (outside my country) i HAVE to study really hard and improve m
y english, i'm so confuse about lots of things right now. i don't know what i should do. maybe i have to put my PC in the storage along with my other gadgets so i can study properly (yeaah that's not going to happen) they're like my best friends and i like them. (gettin a bit crazy)

i want to be accepted in FEUI, FISIPUI, MONASH, UoM, NU
i know that aren't an easy things to do but from now on i will work or try or whatever really hard and start taking things seriously so i can have i bright future and i hope i can be who i want to be and be the person that can be useful to other people in a g
ood way (so many and). if you all know who i want to be when i grow up you'll guys probably laugh at me but who care, that's my dream and i'll work hard so it can come true.
i'll fight along side my friend, my fellow SOCIAL 2011. we
have been together sincethe 2nd years of high school and 'cause now we're a 3rd grader we're going to fight side by side to prove to the whole world that we're the best, it doesn't matter that we're only one class, but we're one solid class and we're going to graduate together next year and every one of us are accepted to the univ we want. (Amin Ya ALLAH). so wish us luck and see you on my next post :D


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