Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010


what's up world??? i've been missing so much..
my life lately was......hectic

yeaah, i've been missing school lately, because of Schoolympic but i was okay with it because it's my school's big event. and i have lots of fun.LOTS. we have our ups and downs, our committee but we passed that phase and make it worked. the event was a SUCCESS. Alhadulillah, eve though there are still things that we have to do because not all of them are done but i believe we'll make it trough, we always did. i want to thank you all of you for trusting me, although i'm not completely happy or satisfied with the worked i did. but hey, it was my first time and people make mistakes so i'm just gonna said i'm sorry if i made you guys un-happy. promise, i already tried my best.
and thanks for our chairman of the event Prima Indra Dwipa, he's a really great leader, responsible, kind, funny. he kept us going forward and he always stayed calmed and kind even though i knew he was depressed. thank's ya Boneeee :D you're a really great leader. and my fellow committee i had lots of fun working with you guys.

But....WE'RE BACK ON SCHOOL DAY!!lots of catching up to do. Bismillah. i'm scared arrrrrrgggghhhh. i only missed school like 4 days but it feel like i've been missing school for a month what the?? the only answer is "that's SMA Negri 8" my lovely school which always give me headache but still love you! And i'm happy to welcome BULAN RAMADHAN. Alhamdulillah. HAPPY FASTING EVERYONE!
i almost forget, i had a heartfelt talk yesterday with siti.well...it was okay, inspire me a little bit to work harder. okay that's all for this post, see you on my next post.


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