Minggu, 02 Mei 2010

what do you feel? down.exhausted.dizzy = have no idea at all

i don't know what i'm feeling right now. is it sad? angry? happy? i really don't know, it feel like there's a hole in my chest that make me want to cry. But i didn't know what i'm crying for. i just feel like really want to cry. i should have been happy, because last night i had fun. but last night was last night. i feel like i move to a different universe or maybe a different scenario. i don't know but suddenly i feel sad and frustrated. especially this upcoming week. full of deadlines, tests, homeworks. i think it's called "welcome to the world of 8 high school". yeah tha's exactly what it's called. so just wish me and my friends luck! pray and hope for the best month

i'm forced to fake
a smile, a laugh, everyday of my life
my heart can't possibly break
when it wasn't even whole to start with

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