Sabtu, 01 Mei 2010

Iron Man 2 (i've been waiting for this one)

yeah Iron Man 2, i've been waiting for this movie since they announce that there's going to be the next one. especially with Robert Downey Jr. in it, the charming handsome man the only one that fit to play as Tony Stark. when i watched the trailer for the first time and i just can't wait for the movie to come out.

and i was shocked when the movie is out at 28th april because the poster said it will be out at 7th may. thanks god it was weekend so i ask my driver to buy it for me but it didn't happen because i watched it with my uncle and cousin.

and it pay off big time, wooot. i love the movie very much. especially the interaction between pepper and tony, so funny and romantic. because in the first movie the tension is very hot. And finnaly tony had the gut to tell her, and ended the tension.

and war machine, i'm feel bad for tony when rhodey his best friend took his armor but then, rhodey didn't really betray him so it was fine with me. i mean that guy really need a kick in the gut so he can realize what he's doing because in the 2nd movie he's a little wreck. but he got pepper so the bomb was dropped, he's making her the stark industries CEO. can you belive that ? from a P.A to CEO? what a dream, but that just way of him telling her that he really love her.

in the 2nd movie i just think that the action is less than the first one but still better. the technology is so cool, i wish i have one. they really upgrade the technology, the effects. it was cool!! two thumbs up for Iron Man 2!

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