Minggu, 09 September 2012

Cambridge Satchel

hello bloggers!

so yeah i'm in a long waiting for my bag to arrived, which is a 13'' red cambridge satchel embossed with my initial. So, here's the story

my grandpa (i called him aki, which i love very much) is going to UK this end of september with my aunt and uncle, i decided that yeah why not order cambridge satchel and aki can bring it back to indonesia. i ordered it.

But then i got a confirmation email from them that the bag will be done in 6 weeks, which mean a week after my aki left UK! DAFUQ!!!!! Well, the shipping price is not that expensive but when it arrived in Indonesia it will be charged with "pajak bea cukai" and help me god that it is so freakin expensive that i could faint, if you calculated it, the tax is almost the same as the bag's price. can you freakin believe it? yeah i know we have to pay taxes and i respect that but does it has be that expensive?? i'm literally desperate.

So now i have to wait for someone my family knows to go back home to indonesia around october, sad isn't it? but thank god i have a cousin who live there so i can have my bag shipped there temporarily but still it sucks! but there's a saying that "good things come to those who wait". i hope when the bag arrive it will be worth the waiting. Here i'll add the picture of the bag :)

see you on my next post then :)


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