Selasa, 23 November 2010

busy night

hey bloggers,

i'm posting while doing my citizenship papers. it's so much and boring, let me tell ya it's really boring. she gave us this task at the same time that she's going to held an exam. what do you think about that?

no moral?

and i have BTA's tryout tomorrow, haven't study and i'm tired, been sleeping late and studying a lot this pas few weeks. and next week i have final semester exam! an you believe it what a productive month or should i say a disaster for my part. need to study a lot more! i know i have to study hard to achiev my goals, which is a lot. but please i need a break, and i want good scores and get accepted in indonesia's best university (Amin Ya Allah).

okay gotta go back to my papers. see ya in my next post :D

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