Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

movie freak!

okay first of all i want to yell, because finally my 4 weeks of disaster has come to an end. yup final exams is done, but hello to report cards. oh my....i'm so freaking worried. but that's not what i'm goin to tell you at this post.

so after the final exams and remedial weeks end, i watched 4 movies. Toy Story 3, Letters to Juliet, Karate Kid, and Knight and Day. i'm just gonna tell you what i think about the movies

Knight and Day
i've been waiting for this movie, since i saw the trailer which by the way a month go so i didn't wait that long. this is actually a romantic-comedy-action kind of a movie. tom cruise and cameron diaz were fabulous of course, it's been two years since i saw tom cruise in a movie. so just want to say this was another two thumbs up movie.

Karate Kid
this movie was awesome!!!! really love jaden smith and jackie chan. another two thumbs up movie, and all of that cool moves. Jaden Smith is a really great actor, and there's a comedy in it so it was fun to watch. and his enemy who has 'i'm going to beat the crap out of you' face is played well by the actor but really his handsome none the less :D


after 11 years since the last movie came out, finally toy story came out on June. maybe we're all wondering where in the world they've been for a decade. but all of the waiting pay off big time, this 3rd movie really show their friendship, loyalty, and respect. there are a lot of new toys and of course andy is growing up and that's when the story get exciting. Andy is going to college, and decide to put the toys in the attic but the mom mistaken it for a trash but the toys ended up in a day care whic they think it's going to be fun, but woody being the loyal one insisted that they went back to the house because andy still care. but the other toys didn't believe him so they take seperate way. but in the end woody came back and the toy realize that woody was telling the truth because mrs. potato. and after they fought hard to came back home, and they're really happy because andy gave them to a little girl that he trus to take care of his toys.
the ending was great, my eyes are a bit watery. but really this movie is worth two thumbs up from everyone who watch it. pixar really did a gre
at job.

Letters to Juliet

it was good, but i'm not that excited to watch thi movie. i know this is really great romantic movies and a really nice country where they shoot this movie. but like i said i'm not crazy about it, and amanda s. is not on her best looks so yeah it was just okay.

holiday is coming, so i wish you have a wonderful holiday and see you on my next post

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